How to Apply

Letters of Inquiry
If you meet the Foundation's basic guidelines for funding you may fill out a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) form by clicking here. Should the Foundation be interested in learning more about your organization you will be contacted directly and/or be asked to fill out a full application for funding.

While we would love to be able to work with many of the deserving organizations that reach out to us, time and resource limitations do restrict our ability to support worthy causes. Although there is not a specific timetable for review of LOI submissions, we do endeavor to contact each submitter eventually with an update. Finally, please keep in mind that 2016, and many 2017, funding decisions have already been made.

Applications for Funding
If you have been contacted by the Foundation's administrator or trustees to fill out an Application for Funding form, please click here to begin the process. You will need to enter the password provided to you in order to proceed so please have that on hand. As with LOI submissions there is not a specific timetable for review of submitted Applications. However, the Foundation will eventually be in touch to convey the status of your Application and request any additional information.